Part 2

CB was still feeling a little frisky. After LG left, CB took a cold shower to kill his then still raging libido. He went back to bed, tried to read his Percy Jackson - The lightning thief. But his laptop beckons. He went online again to check his account...There was a message...

CB opened it...

"Pare may place ka, tang na sobrang horny ko. anything goes pare"

The message came from a muscular and heavily tattooed guy(or what the picture in his profile seems to showcase). "Nice!" CB said to himself, unwittingly responding with the same words.

We decided to meet. I picked him up at the corner of our street.

He was standing there in the shadows. I couldn't really see a clear profile of him, but from what I can see amids the darkness, he seemed really hot.

Then I was in-front of him. "Pare?" I asked hesitantly. He's back was against me.

Then he turned around. "Not bad... not bad at all" I muttered. He kinda' looked like an attractive henchman of a villain in our local tele-novelas.

We went straight to my room and without further ado it started. He was kissing me and I was kissing him back. I can taste the beer and smoke in his breath. Then we we're tearing our clothes off and then we collapsed on my bed with a thud!. I can feel his rigid manhood on my belly as I was kissing him all over. He's body smelled of sweat and cologne.

I was kissing his tattoos and there were a lot. I especially liked the one below his navel it was the Star of David. I slowly went lower and I licked the glistening precum on his raging manhood, and then ever so gingerly covered what I can cover with my mouth. He was wriggling in pleasure. And then he wanted to reciprocate. I maneuvered myself so I can give him access to my own raging boner. It was not clear during our brief exchange of messages whether he's a top or bottom. But as I was sucking him I had free access to his tight hole. I licked the tip of my forefinger and started using it to massage his hole. I waited for any signs of protest but there were none. With some hesitation, I started inching my finger into his hole.

"Putahhh....!" He said in a controlled shout. I stopped...

And then he said "Don't stop pare! putahh sarap!" OMG! His words were like a trigger. I started sucking him with more ardor and I fingered his hole ever so deeper. He was shaking and opening his legs wider. And I was there to give him what he wants.

"Fuck..Fuck..Fuck!"...He was saying this like he was praying. I continued giving him pleasure. And without hesitations I maneuvered my self again. Directly in-front of his hole. Lubed up and rubbered, I plowed myself into him. I was looking at his face. He was biting his lower lip. And then I moved following the rhythm of his heartbeat. It was going faster and faster by the second.

Then he said he was about to cum. I moved even faster. And then... He came...

Looking at his cum spurts and feeling the spasms of his tight hole as he came. I couldn't hold on any longer. I came for the second time that night.

After he left. I showered and cleaned up. It was a tiring but pleasurable night. It was almost morning when I finally dozed off with an impish smile on my face.


Home alone - Part 1 of 2

Sharing the house with his brother, his sister in-law and their 2 kids, it's seldom that Cubaoboy would get to have his home alone moments. Fortunately during this time of the year, his brother would usually troop together his entire family to his car and drive off to his in-laws for the entire weekend.

It is during these rare home alone weekends that Cubaoboy gets to play and play some more.

Cubaoboy never wastes time, as soon as he sees the red taillights of his brother's car disappear from his view, he goes online and visits his usual online hunting ground to hunt for his prey.

His first prey: Lanky mestizo good looking bottom guy with hairy chest.

Cubaoboy and this guy had already exchanged several messages over the past few weeks. This was the perfect time for them to meet up and do it(hehehehe). Turns out that this guy lives just a few blocks away from Cubaoboy's house. At around 11:30 PM Saturday, they met at the corner of Cubaoboy's street. After a few exchanges of pleasantries. they walked toward Cubaoboy's house. When they arrived, they went straight up to Cubaoboy's room. Lanky guy was sitting on Cubaoboy's bed. He looked up at CB and smiled. Cubaoboy suddenly felt his ragging boner get a litte more rigid. "This f***ing guy is really cute." CB muttered to himself. Cubaoboy looked at his rigidity and saw lanky guy looking at it too. It was at that moment when lanky guy suddenly grabbed the edge of CB's gym shorts, pulled it down with a little too much force that CB heard and felt some of the threads break, but he couldn't care less. Lanky guy is a good s***er. He played with CB's manhood with gentle but deep suctions. Cubaoboy felt like he was about to explode. But not yet. CB bent down to lanky guy and kissed his pink lips. CB removed lanky guys cap which he was wearing backwards. they gently laid on CB's bed removing all of their clothes. CB started caressing LG's body. CB started with LG's pink nipples covered with a light dusting of dark hair. CB followed the sexy trail of hair down to his boner glistening with pre-cum. It smelled of soap and sweat. CB tasted LG's manhood. It tasted like clean skin, soap and pre-cum. CB started caressing LG's inner thighs. LG was wriggling in ticklish pleasure. Then LG said "May rubber ka pare? f*** mo ko". Always a trooper, CB has his stash of life saving condoms. CB went to his cabinet drawer and took one of his brand of rubber. It was long thrusts and slow strokes, with the help of CB's lube it was really one pleasurable friction action. It was an air conditioned room, but CB and LG's bodies were glistening with sweat. CB rode him like a gentle cowboy. CB bent LG's body so that LG's head was between his knees, CB's thrusts became deeper because of better access to LG's pink tight hole. "Malapit na ko pare" LG said in voice which was almost a whisper. At this point the slow thrust became faster and faster and faster. CB was really working up a sweat. "Puta pare eto na ko... Tang ina!!!!" LG said in a controlled scream of delight. LG came with such pressure, that he was able to catch his cum-spurt into his own mouth. CB couldn't contain the pressure building inside him anymore. CB with uncontrollable spasms exploded.

CB collapsed on top of LG. They were sweaty and tired but sated. It was more than an hour of pleasure. They cleaned up and when they were both dressed, LG said "Ayus pare sarap. Sarap mo k******t" with an impish grin which showed his lopsided dimple and which highlighted his boyish good looks."Let's do it again sometime?" LG asked. CB could only nod back, knowing that it may take while before he would have the house all to himself again. He showed LG to the door, but before LG went out they exchanged a chaste kiss. "See you soon." LG said, Cubaoboy just smiled at him and closed the door behind him.

It was just 12:45AM. The night was still young. Cubaoboy went online again.......



CubaoBoy thanks Kris

I’m so used to Kris Aquino’s theatrics when she airs out her dirty linens in public. Like when she became pregnant with Philip Salvador’s baby, who was almost twice her age, and then when they suddenly called it quits. When she blurted out all the nasty details of her relationship with Joey Marquez in national television.

Please don’t get me wrong. I like Kris Aquino, and I certainly admire her gumption. She may lack tact most of the times but you have to admit only Kris Aquino can get away with it.

Last Sunday afternoon I was channel surfing. Most of the local channels were airing news regarding the demise of Tita Cory. I am a big Cory fan. I was there in Edsa more than twenty years ago, even though I was too young to know what was happening back then (ehem), and what the people were fighting for. But my mom said: “we need to go there.” So we did, carrying with us 500 pesos worth of pandesal so we can share it to all the people who stayed there in Edsa despite the heat, rain and hunger to fight the dictator and to fight for democracy.

I turned to channel 2 currently airing "The Buzz"

I stopped pressing the button of my remote when Boy Abunda said in his booming voice “Susunod! Ang pag lalahad ni Kris sa mga huling sandali ng kanyang ina.” My sister joined me on the couch to watch and hear Kris Aquino’s story.

After a lengthy commercial break, Kris was on. The program was airing at the wake of tita Cory’s in Greenhills. With Boy and Kris and tita Cory’s coffin in the background.

Kris started her story. So unlike the bubbly Kris that we usually see on TV, the Kris Aquino that I was hearing and watching was so grief stricken she didn’t even care if her crying was ruining her mascara.

As I was listening to each and every painful detail of her mom’s fight with cancer, I can’t help but blink away tears that were threatening to fall from my own eyes. Then I looked at my sister beside me, and she was just letting her tears fall.

We lost our own mom to cancer seven years ago, and almost everything that Kris experienced, during her mom’s last few weeks, our family experienced it too.

Like Kris Aquino, I am the youngest child and a proud mama’s boy. We learned that mom had cancer four years before she finally succumb to the decease. But when we discovered the cancer it was already on its 4th stage, so it has metastasized to the surrounding tissues of her body by then.

The last four years with my mom was the hardest but at the same time the happiest moments of our lives. I, together with my sister were my mom’s cheering squad. We’d cheer her on whenever she was undergoing chemotherapy. We try to cheer her up whenever she feels like giving up to give her hope. And we never stopped showing how much we loved her.

The week before my mom died was one of the most painful episode in my life.

Like Kris, I know how it feels when you see your mom try to be strong for the family. I know how it feels to be helpless when you see your mom cry in pain and you can’t do anything to help her.

And on my mom's dying moment, I know how it feels to finally let go, to let your mom rest, and to let your mom stop fighting. To let her know that the family will be just fine without her because we’ll take good care of each other. To let her move on to a better place where there’s no more pain. When in truth, deep inside, you just want to hug your mom and keep her with you forever.

To Kris, moving on is easier said than done. Like you Kris, I lost my mom and then my dad three years later. I know Christmases and birthdays and any special occasions won’t be as happy without them. I know we’re going to miss them in every waking moment of our lives. But their memories will live on. In every lesson that they’ve taught us when we were growing up and the love they’ve given us would remain with us forever. Let us take consolation to the thought that they are in a better place and that they are together again. Thank you Kris for sharing your story I can only imagine the courage you had to muster so you can tell your mom’s and your family’s story during your time of grief.



Cubaoboy remembers Cubao

I was in Gloria Jean’s Cubao enjoying my Vanilla Caramel Chillers. I was sitting next to this large glass pane where I could catch a glimpse of all the people walking outside the coffee shop, I would look up occasionally from what I was doing and I would scan the people outside hoping to see someone interesting.

Sitting there in that coffee shop, in the middle of Cubao sipping my chiller, enjoying the free wifi connection. I suddenly felt an overflowing nostalgia for the Cubao I once knew.

I remember when I was a kid growing up in Cubao. Every Sunday was a special day for me. It’s our family’s grocery shopping day. We usually go grocery shopping not in Rustan’s Supermarket but we opt for Queen’s Supermarket in Cubao, the prices there were not only cheaper but my mom likes their grocery bags, because its made of paper. Probably that’s why when it burned down sometime in the 80’s, nothing was left, the paper bags they kept probably fueled the fire hehe.

After shopping, the family would usually troop together to Fiesta Carnival. I remember the giant paper Mache clowns all over the carnival, which scared me when I was a little younger. The rides were fun and cheap. Then we would grab a bite in the numerous food stalls inside the carnival.
It’s where the cheapest hotdog waffles are found and fruit salad in a cup can be had.

During the Christmas season, when all of us kids would need new clothes for the school Christmas party. My mom would take us to, where else but SM Cubao. And after shopping for clothes and shoes, the family would then go to Ali Mall to look for gifts items. While in Ali Mall, My sister and my brother would do a few rounds of roller skating in Skatetown where I would just usually look at them skate because I was too young to do it my self. The smallest size roller skates were still too big for my feet. Ali Mall was just right across Rustan’s and Marikina Shoe Expo and AutoCentro, and who’d forget COD. After watching the moving mannequins in COD we usually head straight home but my mom would always buy a dozen of Winchelle’s donuts if ever one of us kids would suddenly have an urge to eat in the middle of the night.

Before classes start every year. My mom would take us to Quezon Arcade to buy bags and school uniforms. Quezon Arcade is a flea market type shopping center long before Greenhills made it fashionable to buy in tianges.

Also there was the original Aristocrat’s restaurant in Edsa Cubao, with its navy blue roof, the Farmer’s Market and The Farmer’s Garden, The Love Bus depot in front of SM Cubao, The Choo Choo Junction Spagetti House near the steel tower also in front of SM Cubao. And a lot more places that probably I won’t be able to remember anymore.

I had a lot of happy memories growing up in the only place I call home. Cubao may be changing but the imprints of the old Cubao would always stay in my heart. I thank my parents for bringing us to this wonderful place and making me a true blood "Cubaoeño".




Mahirap pala talaga mag pa pasok ng iba, pag may tao paring umuukopa sa puso mo. Kahit gustong gusto mo nang palayasin e pilit paring na nanatili kahit nasa isang madilim na sulok lang siya tumatambay.

Ang problema kasi e yun din yung sulok na madalas kong linisan at tanggalan ng mga agiw. Kaya siguro gusto din niyang manatili dun kasi pinapanatili ko rin itong malinis. Kahit na anong pigil ko sa sarili ko, maya maya heto na naman ako, may dala-dalang malinis na basahan para tanggalan ng alikabok ang sulok ng puso kong iyon.

Alam ko darating din yung araw na tatamarin na rin akong linisan ang sulok na iyon. Pagkatapos siguro, gagawin ko nalang itong bodega ng mga ala-alang dapat manatiling ala-ala na lamang. O kaya siguro tatanggalin ko na ang madilim na sulok na iyon at papa lagyan ko nalang ng isang pintuan.

At pag pintuan na ang dating madilim na sulok, sana may kumatok at pumasok at mag pasyang manatili, hindi lang sa isang madilim na sulok, kung hindi sa maaliwalas na salas, sa masaganang kusina at sa komportableng kwarto ng puso ko.



Lunes na yehey!

“Sheeeeet! Lunes na naman!” Ito ang usual na linya ni cubaoboy pag patapus na ang araw ng Linggo. Medyo nag sasawa na kasi sya sa work nya kaya medyo hate nya ang Lunes. Tatlong taon at kalahati na kasi nyang ginagawa ang paulit-ulit na routine nya sa trabaho kya medyo nabuburyong na sya.

Masaya naman sana yung trabaho nya. Marami syang nakaka salamuhang ibat-ibang klaseng tao at marami rin syang nagiging kaibigan. Kaso minsan inaabot lang talaga ng sobrang katamaran itong si cubaoboy kya madalas e nag da-drama ito na kesyo may sakit para ma excuse lang at makapag absent. Magaling na dramatista si cubaoboy kaya laging pasok sa banga pag nag dadahilan sya sa boss nya.

Madalas nga e iniisip nalang nya na mag resign nalang tas mag pahinga kahit isang buwan lang para makapag re-charge kahit sandali. Kaso maiisip nya ung mga bayarin nyang bills. E pano ba naman kasi apat ang credit card nya at dalawa pa yung linya ng telepono na binabayaran nya. Tapos yung monthly dues pa nya sa gym, ung koryente nya, yung cable at dsl subscription nya at kung anik-anik pang ka-ek-ekan na kailangan nyang bayaran.

Napapa “hayssss!” nalang si cubaoboy.

Pero medyo na buhayan si cubaoboy sa trabaho nya lately. E kasi naman may cutie pie na trainee si cubaoboy. Kung hindi nyo pala na itatanong. Trainer po itong si cubaoboy sa isa sa malalaking BPO companies dito sa Manila.

Tawagin nalang nating “Chunky” ang silay ni cubaoboy. Anak naman kasi ng potato! E napaka cute naman kasi nitong si chunky kaya trip na trip ni cubaoboy. Anong itsura ni Chunky? Hmmm… Maputi, di naman masyado katangkaran, makinis ang kutis, ala Martin Nievera ang hair style, ala Bong revilla ang mga mata, ala Rico Yan ang dimples, at ala Gerald Anderson ang smile, at higit sa lahat Wendell Ramos chunkyness… Potaaaaaah panalo!

Ang kaso mo hanggang tingin lang si cubaoboy. Kasi mag kakamatayan na muna bago may makalam ng lihim ni cubaoboy. Hindi tuloy maka porma si cubaoboy kahit minsan nahuhuli nyang naka tingin sa kanya si chunky. Pero ayus lang yun kay cubaoboy kasi at least medyo ganado na sya pumasok sa work. Insperasyon baga?

Kaya pag dating ng Lunes “Sheeeeeet Lunes na naman yehey!” ang linya na ngayon ni cubaoboy. At least for now tee-hee.


Who needs misery?

Cubaoboy will not yield to misery. So what if the two awesome dates he had with the “date” was just that, a date and then followed by a period. Probably the “date” was just being polite so as not to hurt cubaoboy’s feelings.

You see cubaoboy really tried his best. After several failed attempts to see him again by asking him out, he reverted to just sending text messages to the "date" just to keep in touch.

Cubaoboy does his everyday routinary text to the “date” like “hope you had a wonderful day” or “hope you had dinner already” or “goodnight and pleasant dreams” hoping that he would be able to coax the “date” to spend sometime with him, but alas after several minutes, cubaoboy will receive a reply from him like “thank you (mentions cubaoboys name)” every time and that’s it.

Cubaoboy is not that dense you know? Cubaoboy can take a hint. Cubaoboy knows that it is time to move on. What irritates cubaoboy is that he keeps on hoping. Hoping that those wonderful dates he had with this person were somehow real and that they really bonded and that they reciprocally enjoyed each other’s company.

Cubaoboy is guessing that probably the “date” did enjoy it even a little but not enough to want to experience it again.

Being miserable is the last thing in cubaoboy’s agenda right now. Cubaoboy honestly enjoyed those two dates and he knows he will experience it again with somebody else.

Cubaoboy thanks his date for his time and wishes him well. It may not have worked out as cubaoboy would have liked it but who knows what’s in store for him. Fate may have a different plan that’s why it didn’t work out, and all cubaoboy has to do is to keep on looking and maybe somewhere out there, that person is looking for him too.




Cubaoboy wanted to write something nice about his recent dating exploit...currently ahhh....hmmm.. He can't seem to write anything.


A non-fan remembers MJ

1996 Paranaque

I would never forget that day. We were there at around 3 pm under the scorching heat of the afternoon sun. There were no chairs to sit on just heaps upon heaps of people patiently waiting just like us.

It was the first day of the two-day concert tour of MJ's – HIStory. I was never really a fan of MJ. I was just there to witness the hi-tech concert. Though I wasn't really forced to watch it, it was more out of curiosity on my part and the 3k ticket was free, so what the heck! It's one of those things you do once in a lifetime anyways.

3 pm turned to 6 pm I was getting impatient not to mention tired. I said to myself “it’s okay, it’s MJ and its not everyday you would see the king of pop perform live, even if you’re not a fan."

6 pm turned to 9 pm, my legs were just about to give out. Then the organizers of the concert announced that there was a slight delay, and the concert will be underway in 30 minutes. "What slight delay? Nyeta! Namamaga na hinlalaki ko!" I said to myself.

And then just like that, the concert started. There was a countdown on the wide screen. Then I heard a female voice (like the ones you hear in airports) announcing the ETA of the starship that MJ was piloting. On the big screen you see the solar system and MJ’s starship cruising through all the planets until it reaches Earth. The countdown ends 3..2..1…. From beneath the stage the Starship bursts forth accompanied by smoke and hi-tech lighting. Everybody held their breaths until the starship revealed its passenger. The starship finally opened and MJ was there standing still with his signature pose. The crowd roared with delight. I myself (a non-fan) was a little awed by it too. "Galing hi-tech!"

It was a visual delight seconded only by MJ himself (I was just there for the hi-tech show remember?). The show lasted for two hours with MJ singing or lip-synching his famous hits. And then the show ended with fireworks of course.

After the concert, I remember how incredibly hard it was for us to go home, because there were about 50 thousand of us who were doing exactly the same thing.

Cubao 2009

Thirteen years after that grand concert, I was really saddened when I heard the news that he is gone. As an 80’s kid MJ was part of my growing up years and I thought that he would just be there forever. I remember seeing Moonwalker and Captain EO in Alimall, both short films were the opening features before the full-length movie begins. I remember singing “Thriller”(eew) and “Man in the Mirror” and I remember “Say Say Say”(a duet with Paul Mcartney), probably because of Ate Lud’s “Eye to Eye” (a showbiz talk show back in the 80’s). His incredible dance moves like the gravity defying lean in the “Smooth Criminal” video. And who would ever forget his savvy Pepsi commercials and his scandals?

Why do I remember all these things about MJ even though I’m not a fan? Probably because MJ was not just another celebrity, but he was an icon, and even in death his popularity will live on. He truly was not only the King of Pop, but one of the royals of pop culture as well. He becomes another Marilyn Monroe. All hail to you MJ! Thank you for the music. May you rest in peace. But I’m sorry MJ, I’m still not a fan.



Here comes the dating blues

Cubaoboy always falls into this trap. You see whenever he dates someone, and the date really turns out well, he becomes clueless on what to do next. It’s just hard for him to guess what comes after a great date.

As of the moment cubaoboy thinks that his date really likes him, hence the second date right? But how much his date likes him? He has no idea.

Cubaoboy is asking himself how to properly handle his date. He thought if only there is an etiquette book regarding male-to-male dating it would surely answer some of his questions like:

Is it okay for him to send text messages to his date often? Or should he wait for his date to text him first?

Is it ok to ask his dates’ agenda for the day? Or is it too FC (feeling close)?

Is it ok to ask where his date lives? Or is it too stalker-ish?

Is it ok to talk about compromises already even if they’re not officially a couple yet? Or is it too forward?

Is it ok to be exclusive and expect his date to be exclusive as well? Or is it too assuming?

Is it ok to buy his date gifts? Or is it too ADP (azucarera de papa)?

And finally when is it ok to tell his date that he has fallen in love with him and that they should be a couple already? Or would it just scare his date away?

Currently cubaoboy is just playing it by ear and he is not even sure if his ear is giving him the right tune. Or is he just being paranoid?

Or is he even making any sense?


Paghahambing ng mga nakagawian ko noong bata ako at ngayong 30 something na ko.


Nung bata pa ako, nung wala pa akong alam sa kamunduhan. Pag nakaka kita ako ng dalawang taong nag hahalikan, sa tv man o yung kapatid kong dalaga noong mag bf pa lang sila ng asawa nya. Sabi ko paano kung di nag brush ng teeth yung isa dun? Parang kadirs yata.


Minsan kahit bagong gising nyeta halik agad sa partner.


Naalala ko pa noon pag hapon na, tapos Sabado, tatawagin na kami ng nanay ko para matulog. Diba pag Sabado tas walang school ang sarap mag laro o kaya mag babad sa tv? Kaya ang sama ng loob ko sa nanay ko pag pinatutulog na ko sa hapon. Pero syempre pag kagising ko naka handa na yung merienda ko.


Matutulog ako hanggat gusto ko. Lalo na pag sabado!


Pag sinabing mag sisimba kasi Linggo. Naalala ko excited ako kasi maisusuot ko nanaman yung paborito kong shoes. Tapos after ng Mass, direcho shopping at kain sa labas.


Daming excuse. Kesho may work na kailangan tapusin or masama yung pakiramdam or just plain tinatamad mag simba.


Sa school, pag may pinapagawang assignment o project yung teacher namen, takbo agad ako sa ate ko o sa kuya ko para mag patulong sa assignment o kaya sa tatay ko kung medyo mahirap yung project.


Kelangan kong habulin yung deadline ko sa office. Kahit bente kwatro oras na akong gising. Patay na kung patay basta ma i-submit ko lang report ko.


Nung bata pa ako maarte ako sa pang bahay na damit, ayaw ko ng na papawisan kahit medyo basa lang ng konte yung t-shirt ko, palit agad sabay tambak sa labahan ng nanay ko yung hinubad ko.


Kung pwedeng lagi nalang akong naka hubad para wala na akong masyadong lalabhan gagawin ko.


Noon pag may crush ako sa school man o sa isang kalaro. Grabe tameme ako. Super tsope ako noong araw.


Leche ganon pa din ako. Walang pag babago!


Noon pag inaaway ako ng mga kalaro ko o ng mga kapatid ko. Sorry lang yung katapat noon, tapos ayus nanaman. Parang walang nangyari.


Minsan taon na muna ang bibilangin bago kami mag usap ulet.


Kapag may problema sa bahay. Malalaman ko nalang pag tapos na ito at na solve na ng mga magulang ko yung problema. Minsan nga di ko na malalaman na nag ka problema pala.


Nasa gitna lagi ako ng mga problema. Madalas ako pa ang toka na humanap ng solusyon.

Masarap siguro maging bata ulet. Pero hindi naman nawawala ang pagiging bata sa puso ko.
Paminsan minsan kailangan ko lang mag isip ng parang isang bata para maalala ko na minsan ganon lang pala kasimple ang buhay.


The Big date Update

Cubaoboy is ecstatic because he spent another wonderful night with the "date". This time they went to two different bars and Cubaoboy totally enjoyed every single moment of it. Despite the "date" being a little tired(cubaoboys' date came from work and picked cubaoboy up at his house, which cubaoboy finds really sweet btw.)

To cap the night off(which was 4:30am) they shared another soul shaking kiss, and then saw him off. Lying on his bed cubaoboy called him up to check on him if he was safely home, and he was, but instead of a short check up call, it lasted for almost an hour because the "date" didn't want to let go of the line(cubaoboy was happy to endulge him).

It was only when cubaoboy heard him yawn that he decided that it was time for him to sleep, he protested but cubaoboy said he really needed to rest and reassured the "date" that they will see each other soon. The "date" agreed and he uttered "I miss you, see you soon" to cubaoboy. Cubaoboys' heart again melted.

Cubaoboy slept with a grin on his face that fine morning...


The big date

9:30 PM somewhere in Araneta Center

Cubaoboy was sitting in a coffeeshop waiting patiently for his date. Earlier cubaoboy and his date agreed that they’d meet at around 10 PM, but his date said he’s already on his way so cubaoboy hurried to the meeting place.

Cubaoboy was enjoying the free wifi connection of araneta center, checking up on his blog. Then his phone rang and he saw that it was his date calling him. He nervously answered the phone.

Cubaoboy: “hello?”
Date: “I’m here na bro, im just parking my car.”
Cubaoboy: “uh… ok…?”

Cubaoboy stammered. The voice was sexy as hell, like hot fudge on vanilla ice cream (yummy)

Then he came to cubaoboys’ view, all six feet of his gorgeousness. God he really is gorgeous.

Cubaoboy stood up to greet his date, walked towards his date, almost missing a step or 2. They exchanged pleasantries and cubaoboy was led by his date to his parked car. Inside the car there was a few seconds of awkward silence, cubaoboy gave his date a measured side glance and relialized his date was looking at him flashing his megawatt smile. Cubaoboys’ heart skipped a beat. Then he spoke. “san tyo bro?”

Cubaoboy had no idea where to go, fortunately his date knows of a cozy place somewhere in Gilmore where they could chat and have a few rounds of beer.

The few rounds were actually two buckets and a few more bottles of beer (already feat for cubaoboy who can only down 2 to 3 bottles of beer in any occasion). Cubaoboy was totally enjoying the company and he hoped his date was enjoying it too. They talked about everything from former relationships to photography, to movies and tv series, to artists and actors, to music and the arts, they both were having a really good time.

Cubaoboy didn’t want the night to end (well it was actually almost 5am) but it really had to end sometime. Cubaoboys’ date paid for everything, to cubaoboys protestations of course. But his date said “its ok, its on me. You pay for our next date.”

Cubaoboy was about to protest again but then he stopped. Next date! There’s a next date? Cubaoboy said to himself. Wooooohaaaaaaaa! There’s a next date. He was so ecstatic he almost jumped for joy.

They were walking back to his dates’ car when they saw this vagrant taking a bath on the sidewalk. They both went inside the car but his date went out again went to the back trunk of the car pulled out a shirt and gave it to the vagrant. Wow! Cubaoboy again said to himself. His date went back inside the car looked at cubaoboy and smiled.

Cubaoboy couldn’t help himself, even if probably a mob of flesh seeking zombies is on his tail. Time stood still, cubaoboy grabbed his date by the nape and gave him one of the sweetest kisses he ever gave to anyone. His date responded with such ardor that it filled cubaoboys’ heart with such joy.

His date drove him home while they were holding each other’s hands (how he drove while holding cubaoboys hands? Cubaoboy couldn’t care less. What he knows is it felt good.). Sadly they had go home, but before They parted they shared another kiss, un mindful of the passing headlights of the other cars, like they were in their own little world.

Cubaoboy said thank you to his date and went out of the car and saw him drove away.

Cubaoboy was still reeling with excitement he didn’t even feel the 7 bottles of beer he downed. While he was in his room, his phone rang. It was his date….

What did they talk about? That folks is none of your business! lol


New leaf

Enough of the sappy story. Next post will be about my quest to find the "one". Stay tuned folks if your still interested. I'll go back to the dating scene...starting tonight. Wish me luck!


Last part: the day i find love once again

5:16 PM by Cubaoboy 4 comments
Everything went back to normal (or that’s what cubaoboy wanted his friends to believe). So every time the friends’ meet up he had to put on this façade that everything is really fine and dandy, but deep inside, cubaoboy was struggling with his feelings. He wanted to shake “someone” and say I’m here and I love you! Dang it! But no, some things are better left unsaid.

Days passed…

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to hide it, the truth will always find a way to let it self be known (specially when there’s redhorse to help it)….

In an out of town trip;

Cubaoboy was tipsy and “someone” was a little hammered. They were the only people awake that night and then one thing led to another and they found themselves in bed together. Cubaoboy was in the verge of extacy. Imagine being in the arms of the one you adore. Infact he was so happy he said the 3 words he promised he would never utter to anybody again. He said, “I love you”.

Cubaoboy threw caution to the wind. He didn’t think twice before saying those words. He didn’t think he might lose a friend, he didn’t think what “someone” would say to him after, he didn’t think what kind of hurt it would give him if “someone” didn’t meet him halfway. He didn’t think. He didn’t think because he was freely giving his heart away expecting nothing in return.

After Cubaoboy said those words. There was silence (you can hear the crickets, the humming of the a/c, the snores of people in the other room and cubaoboys’ racing heartbeat). And then “someone” said “bakit ako?” and Cubaoboy answered “hindi ko alam, basta bigla nalang naging ikaw.” And then he said, “let’s just enjoy what we have right now.”

Cubaoboy would have laughed out load if it weren’t for his breaking heart. OMG! He thought, those were the same words he used way back when, and how ironic that it was uttered to him too (karma). Cubaoboy never answered back, but he gave the most passionate kiss he could ever give to his “someone” knowing that it would be the very last kiss he’d ever share with him. Then “someone” fell asleep. Cubaoboy slowly slipped out of bed kissed “someone” on nose, went out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Aside from the trip back home, it was the last time Cubaoboy ever saw his “someone”. The funny thing about it was cubaoboy never felt any anger or bitterness about everything. He guesses it’s how it is supposed to be when you love someone, enough to let him or her go.

Cubaoboy realizes that it felt great to love and it would probably be magical if you were loved return. Cubaoboy is grateful for the experience because it made him realize that loving doesn’t mean getting hurt but it means you can feel.

Cubaoboy is looking forward for that day, when he finds love once again…


Part 4: The day I find love once again

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Cubaoboy frantically tried to find a solution to his dilemma. He absolutely refuses to give in to his feelings. He thought the best solution is to hide. He made excuses whenever his 3 friends invited him out, and he was successful. But deep in his heart, he misses them…. he misses “someone”.

Weeks passed…

Cubaoboy was miserable but he was ok with it as long as nobody knows what he feels for “someone”. Cubaoboy thought, by not entertaining this love it would die a natural death. But he was dead wrong.

Every day that passes, the feeling grew stronger and stronger and he became more miserable. It didn’t help when he’d get some info about “someone”. That “someone” was dating another, and that “someone” went to bed with someone. The thing that Cubaoboy tried very hard to avoid had happened again. He had given another person the power to hurt him (unknowingly on “someone’s” part though).

More weeks passed…

Cubaoboy though strong willed is still human after all. Out of his misery from missing his friends and his “someone”. He decided to show up again so he could have his fill at seeing and being with his “someone”. He made a promise to himself that he’s just going to love “someone” from afar and never in any circumstance reveal what he felt.


Part 3: The day I find love once again

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Cubaoboy totally enjoyed the lifestyle he had chosen for himself while successfully keeping his big secret to his family and friends. To top it all off he’s also doing a good job not falling in-love.

Days…. months…years had passed.

Then he met three people in a PLU online site (He was a big star on that site during its hay days) that would eventually change his mind about love.

Yes folks. One of those 3 people is the “someone”.

Cubaoboy and the 3 others became fast friends and were constantly together, especially during the weekends. They would plan weekend road trips and they enjoy dinners in the different restaurants in the metro. Everything was fine and dandy until Cubaoboy realized something.

He had fallen crazily in love with the “someone”.

Cubaoboy didn’t know what hit him and was completely clueless on how this “someone” completely destroyed his defenses.

Cubaoboy thought this couldn’t be. He had sworn not to fall in-love again, not to take chances on love again, not to get hurt again, not to ever give a part of himself to anyone again.


Part 2: The day I find love once again

When Cubaoboy turned 27. He discovered something wonderful about himself, that he was sexually attracted to the same sex as well. Finding out this new thing about his sexuality, Cubaoboy went to work, he enrolled in a gym and pumped iron until he achieves a semblance of a so-called sexy physique to get rid of his insecurities. Then he dated, bed hopped, played around between the sexes but still he avoided falling in love. There were people he went to bed with that professed their love for Cubaoboy, he would always tell them “Thank you..but let’s just enjoy what we have right now.” And then Cubaoboy would hightail to the nearest exit and not show his face to that person ever again. He promised himself never to utter those words again to another person (except with family members of course).

He gave a handful of people their share of heartaches and Cubaoboy admits that he’s not proud of that.


Part 1: The day I find love once again

7:01 AM by Cubaoboy 7 comments
Friends kept prodding Cubaoboy to write a blog and he would always tell them “Anuba! I don’t know the first thing about writing…heck I don’t even know my punctuations!”

And when your friends are very good writers (one is a well known blogger who has several followers in the blog world, and the other one was a lit professor in Ateneo) you would have second thoughts of expressing your thoughts through writing as well.

So what convinced Cubaoboy to write a blog? Well, probably recent events in his life that proved to be his “light bulb moment”. Plus his friends promised that they’d be easy on him.

Here goes nothing!

What was that light bulb moment of Cubaoboy?

Here’s the thing that switched it on.

Cubaoboy fell madly and completely in-love with someone, and this someone (we’ll just call this person “someone” ok?) didn’t actually feel the same way about poor Cubaoboy.

You want details?

Before Cubaoboy gives you the gruesome details folks. Let’s go back to Cubaoboy’s not so distant past.

You see when Cubaoboy was a little younger he was really insecure about his looks and he would always shy away from other people (He was a little too chubby back then). When Cubaoboy turned 21 he met a pretty and petite girl who became his best friend. Their friendship turned to love and the pretty and petite girl eventually became the mom of Cubaoboy’s daughter. Their relationship was smooth sailing (or so Cubaoboy thought) for 3 years until the pretty and petite girl decided it wasn’t really working out and she decided to end it.
Cubaoboy’s pretty and petite girl since then remarried and moved to the states with Cubaoboy’s daughter.

Don’t you worry folks Cubaoboy and his pretty petite girl (not anymore though. She gained a few pounds. A few hundred that is) remained good friends despite it all and he sees his daughter every year.

Cubaoboy tried to move on and had several failed attempts to get into relationships. But all he had really gotten out of those failed attempts were cracks to his already heavily taped up and glued together heart. His last attempt took him a year or so to fully recover from. These events changed Cubaoboy’s rosy outlook about love. Thus Cubaoboy swore never to commit the mistake of falling in love ever again.



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