Here comes the dating blues

Cubaoboy always falls into this trap. You see whenever he dates someone, and the date really turns out well, he becomes clueless on what to do next. It’s just hard for him to guess what comes after a great date.

As of the moment cubaoboy thinks that his date really likes him, hence the second date right? But how much his date likes him? He has no idea.

Cubaoboy is asking himself how to properly handle his date. He thought if only there is an etiquette book regarding male-to-male dating it would surely answer some of his questions like:

Is it okay for him to send text messages to his date often? Or should he wait for his date to text him first?

Is it ok to ask his dates’ agenda for the day? Or is it too FC (feeling close)?

Is it ok to ask where his date lives? Or is it too stalker-ish?

Is it ok to talk about compromises already even if they’re not officially a couple yet? Or is it too forward?

Is it ok to be exclusive and expect his date to be exclusive as well? Or is it too assuming?

Is it ok to buy his date gifts? Or is it too ADP (azucarera de papa)?

And finally when is it ok to tell his date that he has fallen in love with him and that they should be a couple already? Or would it just scare his date away?

Currently cubaoboy is just playing it by ear and he is not even sure if his ear is giving him the right tune. Or is he just being paranoid?

Or is he even making any sense?


10 Response to "Here comes the dating blues"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think you'll just be fine sweetie! You're able to think naman.. but sometimes cut your breaks and go with the flow.

    Dating is like a dance.. but it takes two to tango!

  2. CubaoBoy Says:

    if only i dont have two left feet.... lol

  3. CubaoBoy Says:

    you have a wonderful day sweetie..

  4. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Slow and easy does it.

    Pero wag din mashadogn makupad. Baka ma-bore.


  5. Angelo Says:

    Dating is so tricky, right?!

    Uhm, unsolicited comments. I agree that playing it by ear is a smart idea. You'll know it's right to do things, because you'll just feel it.

    Good luck!


  6. wanderingcommuter Says:

    darn, i feel the same dilemna. probably, the best advise i could give is just be spontaneous. don't over analyze everything. if you feel like asking it. then go, sometimes spontaneity works!

  7. CubaoBoy Says:

    thanks for the advise WC and angelo :)

  8. POPOY Says:

    pano feeling ng may kadate na guy? being curious hehehe..

    sabi nga anonymous just go with the flow! parang date with a girl din yata, wag masyadong mag isip and dont Expect too much! wait kung anong out come kung may spark ba o wala... :)

  9. Jake Says:

    I think there was a book released in 1994 or 1995 entitled "The Quintessential Guide to Gay Dating."

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i can relate to this post. you have clearly stated what i feel every time i go on a date and wonder what happens next.

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