Last part: the day i find love once again

Everything went back to normal (or that’s what cubaoboy wanted his friends to believe). So every time the friends’ meet up he had to put on this façade that everything is really fine and dandy, but deep inside, cubaoboy was struggling with his feelings. He wanted to shake “someone” and say I’m here and I love you! Dang it! But no, some things are better left unsaid.

Days passed…

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to hide it, the truth will always find a way to let it self be known (specially when there’s redhorse to help it)….

In an out of town trip;

Cubaoboy was tipsy and “someone” was a little hammered. They were the only people awake that night and then one thing led to another and they found themselves in bed together. Cubaoboy was in the verge of extacy. Imagine being in the arms of the one you adore. Infact he was so happy he said the 3 words he promised he would never utter to anybody again. He said, “I love you”.

Cubaoboy threw caution to the wind. He didn’t think twice before saying those words. He didn’t think he might lose a friend, he didn’t think what “someone” would say to him after, he didn’t think what kind of hurt it would give him if “someone” didn’t meet him halfway. He didn’t think. He didn’t think because he was freely giving his heart away expecting nothing in return.

After Cubaoboy said those words. There was silence (you can hear the crickets, the humming of the a/c, the snores of people in the other room and cubaoboys’ racing heartbeat). And then “someone” said “bakit ako?” and Cubaoboy answered “hindi ko alam, basta bigla nalang naging ikaw.” And then he said, “let’s just enjoy what we have right now.”

Cubaoboy would have laughed out load if it weren’t for his breaking heart. OMG! He thought, those were the same words he used way back when, and how ironic that it was uttered to him too (karma). Cubaoboy never answered back, but he gave the most passionate kiss he could ever give to his “someone” knowing that it would be the very last kiss he’d ever share with him. Then “someone” fell asleep. Cubaoboy slowly slipped out of bed kissed “someone” on nose, went out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Aside from the trip back home, it was the last time Cubaoboy ever saw his “someone”. The funny thing about it was cubaoboy never felt any anger or bitterness about everything. He guesses it’s how it is supposed to be when you love someone, enough to let him or her go.

Cubaoboy realizes that it felt great to love and it would probably be magical if you were loved return. Cubaoboy is grateful for the experience because it made him realize that loving doesn’t mean getting hurt but it means you can feel.

Cubaoboy is looking forward for that day, when he finds love once again…


4 Response to "Last part: the day i find love once again"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    may kuliglig sa kwarto?!


  2. CubaoBoy Says:

    baka butiki i wasnt sure e

  3. G Says:

    and you say you don't know shit about writing, ha? haha. very engaging read, thanks.

    good to know you guys blog, too.

  4. CubaoBoy Says:

    G! rapsaaa hehe musta!

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