Part 3: The day I find love once again

Cubaoboy totally enjoyed the lifestyle he had chosen for himself while successfully keeping his big secret to his family and friends. To top it all off he’s also doing a good job not falling in-love.

Days…. months…years had passed.

Then he met three people in a PLU online site (He was a big star on that site during its hay days) that would eventually change his mind about love.

Yes folks. One of those 3 people is the “someone”.

Cubaoboy and the 3 others became fast friends and were constantly together, especially during the weekends. They would plan weekend road trips and they enjoy dinners in the different restaurants in the metro. Everything was fine and dandy until Cubaoboy realized something.

He had fallen crazily in love with the “someone”.

Cubaoboy didn’t know what hit him and was completely clueless on how this “someone” completely destroyed his defenses.

Cubaoboy thought this couldn’t be. He had sworn not to fall in-love again, not to take chances on love again, not to get hurt again, not to ever give a part of himself to anyone again.


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