Part 2: The day I find love once again

When Cubaoboy turned 27. He discovered something wonderful about himself, that he was sexually attracted to the same sex as well. Finding out this new thing about his sexuality, Cubaoboy went to work, he enrolled in a gym and pumped iron until he achieves a semblance of a so-called sexy physique to get rid of his insecurities. Then he dated, bed hopped, played around between the sexes but still he avoided falling in love. There were people he went to bed with that professed their love for Cubaoboy, he would always tell them “Thank you..but let’s just enjoy what we have right now.” And then Cubaoboy would hightail to the nearest exit and not show his face to that person ever again. He promised himself never to utter those words again to another person (except with family members of course).

He gave a handful of people their share of heartaches and Cubaoboy admits that he’s not proud of that.


3 Response to "Part 2: The day I find love once again"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Yoko na pala sa yo.

    <<< sings Heratbreaker ala Mariah


  2. CubaoBoy Says:

    wait lang dipa tapus ung wento

  3. hard2getxxx Says:

    hahaha pareho pala tayo kaya ako naging hard2get

    pareho tayo ugali

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