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When CB met Portia - Part 1

Late last year Cubaoboy decided to buy a car. It didn't matter that he knows nil about driving nor that he didn't even have a drivers license yet.

You see, when he saw that red shiny car he imagined himself speeding along the highway with the stereo blasting Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover". It was love at first sight for him.

He paid for the car with his hard earned cash, and then asked his brother to drive it home.

Cubaoboy was so happy he almost cried. He now owns a shiny red pre-loved car sitting there in their garage. He immediately hopped into the driver seat, held the steering wheel, checked out the interiors and then he gasped. "Oh my... I don't know how to drive!" he said to himself with an anguished sigh of realization.

Before, Cubaoboy was okay with being just a passenger. Like who wouldn't want to be chauffeured all the time right? Most of his friends drive their own cars anyway. Just hitching along is fine right? He kept telling himself that for the longest time, but usually telling yourself something; and believing in it are two different things.

Cubaoboy decided not to be just a passenger anymore. He decided that it's high time to take the wheel and drive himself to wherever he wants to go. Easier said than done as CB realized.

Cubaoboy had to start learning how to drive. Since most car owners give their cars a name. As a symbolic start to his road to learning, he decided he had to name his car as well. The name should be masculine and tough like the owner, like say...Bruno or Max. It was already late that time so he decided to name his car in the morning.

The following morning, CB was roused from sleep by several loud bangings on his bedroom door. It was his ten year old nephew. "Tito linisan daw natin si "Portia" kasi ang dumidumi na nya!"His nephew squealed. Still groggy from sleep CB took some time understanding what his nephew was saying loudly from the other side of his door.

"Portia? Who the heck is Portia?"

Then it dawned on CB that his nephew was referring to his car. Unbeknownst to Cubaoboy, his nephew christened his car with that name, it was not Porche but PORTIA!?

Cubaoboy tried to change the name, but to no avail. Now everybody calls his car "Portia" from his family down to his friends.

-end of part 1-



I had to change the name of my blog why? Well almost all my blogger friends have more than one name titles, besides it makes my blog name more sophisticated (echos!)

Really, I decided to update my blog name because I would like to think I've grown up a little in my writing. I know I have a lot of growing up to do but baby steps right?

Why "Eclecticism"? Eclecticism as defined by WIKI "Is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases." Which I guess suits the way I see things. So there...


Part 2

CB was still feeling a little frisky. After LG left, CB took a cold shower to kill his then still raging libido. He went back to bed, tried to read his Percy Jackson - The lightning thief. But his laptop beckons. He went online again to check his account...There was a message...

CB opened it...

"Pare may place ka, tang na sobrang horny ko. anything goes pare"

The message came from a muscular and heavily tattooed guy(or what the picture in his profile seems to showcase). "Nice!" CB said to himself, unwittingly responding with the same words.

We decided to meet. I picked him up at the corner of our street.

He was standing there in the shadows. I couldn't really see a clear profile of him, but from what I can see amids the darkness, he seemed really hot.

Then I was in-front of him. "Pare?" I asked hesitantly. He's back was against me.

Then he turned around. "Not bad... not bad at all" I muttered. He kinda' looked like an attractive henchman of a villain in our local tele-novelas.

We went straight to my room and without further ado it started. He was kissing me and I was kissing him back. I can taste the beer and smoke in his breath. Then we we're tearing our clothes off and then we collapsed on my bed with a thud!. I can feel his rigid manhood on my belly as I was kissing him all over. He's body smelled of sweat and cologne.

I was kissing his tattoos and there were a lot. I especially liked the one below his navel it was the Star of David. I slowly went lower and I licked the glistening precum on his raging manhood, and then ever so gingerly covered what I can cover with my mouth. He was wriggling in pleasure. And then he wanted to reciprocate. I maneuvered myself so I can give him access to my own raging boner. It was not clear during our brief exchange of messages whether he's a top or bottom. But as I was sucking him I had free access to his tight hole. I licked the tip of my forefinger and started using it to massage his hole. I waited for any signs of protest but there were none. With some hesitation, I started inching my finger into his hole.

"Putahhh....!" He said in a controlled shout. I stopped...

And then he said "Don't stop pare! putahh sarap!" OMG! His words were like a trigger. I started sucking him with more ardor and I fingered his hole ever so deeper. He was shaking and opening his legs wider. And I was there to give him what he wants.

"Fuck..Fuck..Fuck!"...He was saying this like he was praying. I continued giving him pleasure. And without hesitations I maneuvered my self again. Directly in-front of his hole. Lubed up and rubbered, I plowed myself into him. I was looking at his face. He was biting his lower lip. And then I moved following the rhythm of his heartbeat. It was going faster and faster by the second.

Then he said he was about to cum. I moved even faster. And then... He came...

Looking at his cum spurts and feeling the spasms of his tight hole as he came. I couldn't hold on any longer. I came for the second time that night.

After he left. I showered and cleaned up. It was a tiring but pleasurable night. It was almost morning when I finally dozed off with an impish smile on my face.


Home alone - Part 1 of 2

Sharing the house with his brother, his sister in-law and their 2 kids, it's seldom that Cubaoboy would get to have his home alone moments. Fortunately during this time of the year, his brother would usually troop together his entire family to his car and drive off to his in-laws for the entire weekend.

It is during these rare home alone weekends that Cubaoboy gets to play and play some more.

Cubaoboy never wastes time, as soon as he sees the red taillights of his brother's car disappear from his view, he goes online and visits his usual online hunting ground to hunt for his prey.

His first prey: Lanky mestizo good looking bottom guy with hairy chest.

Cubaoboy and this guy had already exchanged several messages over the past few weeks. This was the perfect time for them to meet up and do it(hehehehe). Turns out that this guy lives just a few blocks away from Cubaoboy's house. At around 11:30 PM Saturday, they met at the corner of Cubaoboy's street. After a few exchanges of pleasantries. they walked toward Cubaoboy's house. When they arrived, they went straight up to Cubaoboy's room. Lanky guy was sitting on Cubaoboy's bed. He looked up at CB and smiled. Cubaoboy suddenly felt his ragging boner get a litte more rigid. "This f***ing guy is really cute." CB muttered to himself. Cubaoboy looked at his rigidity and saw lanky guy looking at it too. It was at that moment when lanky guy suddenly grabbed the edge of CB's gym shorts, pulled it down with a little too much force that CB heard and felt some of the threads break, but he couldn't care less. Lanky guy is a good s***er. He played with CB's manhood with gentle but deep suctions. Cubaoboy felt like he was about to explode. But not yet. CB bent down to lanky guy and kissed his pink lips. CB removed lanky guys cap which he was wearing backwards. they gently laid on CB's bed removing all of their clothes. CB started caressing LG's body. CB started with LG's pink nipples covered with a light dusting of dark hair. CB followed the sexy trail of hair down to his boner glistening with pre-cum. It smelled of soap and sweat. CB tasted LG's manhood. It tasted like clean skin, soap and pre-cum. CB started caressing LG's inner thighs. LG was wriggling in ticklish pleasure. Then LG said "May rubber ka pare? f*** mo ko". Always a trooper, CB has his stash of life saving condoms. CB went to his cabinet drawer and took one of his brand of rubber. It was long thrusts and slow strokes, with the help of CB's lube it was really one pleasurable friction action. It was an air conditioned room, but CB and LG's bodies were glistening with sweat. CB rode him like a gentle cowboy. CB bent LG's body so that LG's head was between his knees, CB's thrusts became deeper because of better access to LG's pink tight hole. "Malapit na ko pare" LG said in voice which was almost a whisper. At this point the slow thrust became faster and faster and faster. CB was really working up a sweat. "Puta pare eto na ko... Tang ina!!!!" LG said in a controlled scream of delight. LG came with such pressure, that he was able to catch his cum-spurt into his own mouth. CB couldn't contain the pressure building inside him anymore. CB with uncontrollable spasms exploded.

CB collapsed on top of LG. They were sweaty and tired but sated. It was more than an hour of pleasure. They cleaned up and when they were both dressed, LG said "Ayus pare sarap. Sarap mo k******t" with an impish grin which showed his lopsided dimple and which highlighted his boyish good looks."Let's do it again sometime?" LG asked. CB could only nod back, knowing that it may take while before he would have the house all to himself again. He showed LG to the door, but before LG went out they exchanged a chaste kiss. "See you soon." LG said, Cubaoboy just smiled at him and closed the door behind him.

It was just 12:45AM. The night was still young. Cubaoboy went online again.......



CubaoBoy thanks Kris

I’m so used to Kris Aquino’s theatrics when she airs out her dirty linens in public. Like when she became pregnant with Philip Salvador’s baby, who was almost twice her age, and then when they suddenly called it quits. When she blurted out all the nasty details of her relationship with Joey Marquez in national television.

Please don’t get me wrong. I like Kris Aquino, and I certainly admire her gumption. She may lack tact most of the times but you have to admit only Kris Aquino can get away with it.

Last Sunday afternoon I was channel surfing. Most of the local channels were airing news regarding the demise of Tita Cory. I am a big Cory fan. I was there in Edsa more than twenty years ago, even though I was too young to know what was happening back then (ehem), and what the people were fighting for. But my mom said: “we need to go there.” So we did, carrying with us 500 pesos worth of pandesal so we can share it to all the people who stayed there in Edsa despite the heat, rain and hunger to fight the dictator and to fight for democracy.

I turned to channel 2 currently airing "The Buzz"

I stopped pressing the button of my remote when Boy Abunda said in his booming voice “Susunod! Ang pag lalahad ni Kris sa mga huling sandali ng kanyang ina.” My sister joined me on the couch to watch and hear Kris Aquino’s story.

After a lengthy commercial break, Kris was on. The program was airing at the wake of tita Cory’s in Greenhills. With Boy and Kris and tita Cory’s coffin in the background.

Kris started her story. So unlike the bubbly Kris that we usually see on TV, the Kris Aquino that I was hearing and watching was so grief stricken she didn’t even care if her crying was ruining her mascara.

As I was listening to each and every painful detail of her mom’s fight with cancer, I can’t help but blink away tears that were threatening to fall from my own eyes. Then I looked at my sister beside me, and she was just letting her tears fall.

We lost our own mom to cancer seven years ago, and almost everything that Kris experienced, during her mom’s last few weeks, our family experienced it too.

Like Kris Aquino, I am the youngest child and a proud mama’s boy. We learned that mom had cancer four years before she finally succumb to the decease. But when we discovered the cancer it was already on its 4th stage, so it has metastasized to the surrounding tissues of her body by then.

The last four years with my mom was the hardest but at the same time the happiest moments of our lives. I, together with my sister were my mom’s cheering squad. We’d cheer her on whenever she was undergoing chemotherapy. We try to cheer her up whenever she feels like giving up to give her hope. And we never stopped showing how much we loved her.

The week before my mom died was one of the most painful episode in my life.

Like Kris, I know how it feels when you see your mom try to be strong for the family. I know how it feels to be helpless when you see your mom cry in pain and you can’t do anything to help her.

And on my mom's dying moment, I know how it feels to finally let go, to let your mom rest, and to let your mom stop fighting. To let her know that the family will be just fine without her because we’ll take good care of each other. To let her move on to a better place where there’s no more pain. When in truth, deep inside, you just want to hug your mom and keep her with you forever.

To Kris, moving on is easier said than done. Like you Kris, I lost my mom and then my dad three years later. I know Christmases and birthdays and any special occasions won’t be as happy without them. I know we’re going to miss them in every waking moment of our lives. But their memories will live on. In every lesson that they’ve taught us when we were growing up and the love they’ve given us would remain with us forever. Let us take consolation to the thought that they are in a better place and that they are together again. Thank you Kris for sharing your story I can only imagine the courage you had to muster so you can tell your mom’s and your family’s story during your time of grief.



Cubaoboy remembers Cubao

I was in Gloria Jean’s Cubao enjoying my Vanilla Caramel Chillers. I was sitting next to this large glass pane where I could catch a glimpse of all the people walking outside the coffee shop, I would look up occasionally from what I was doing and I would scan the people outside hoping to see someone interesting.

Sitting there in that coffee shop, in the middle of Cubao sipping my chiller, enjoying the free wifi connection. I suddenly felt an overflowing nostalgia for the Cubao I once knew.

I remember when I was a kid growing up in Cubao. Every Sunday was a special day for me. It’s our family’s grocery shopping day. We usually go grocery shopping not in Rustan’s Supermarket but we opt for Queen’s Supermarket in Cubao, the prices there were not only cheaper but my mom likes their grocery bags, because its made of paper. Probably that’s why when it burned down sometime in the 80’s, nothing was left, the paper bags they kept probably fueled the fire hehe.

After shopping, the family would usually troop together to Fiesta Carnival. I remember the giant paper Mache clowns all over the carnival, which scared me when I was a little younger. The rides were fun and cheap. Then we would grab a bite in the numerous food stalls inside the carnival.
It’s where the cheapest hotdog waffles are found and fruit salad in a cup can be had.

During the Christmas season, when all of us kids would need new clothes for the school Christmas party. My mom would take us to, where else but SM Cubao. And after shopping for clothes and shoes, the family would then go to Ali Mall to look for gifts items. While in Ali Mall, My sister and my brother would do a few rounds of roller skating in Skatetown where I would just usually look at them skate because I was too young to do it my self. The smallest size roller skates were still too big for my feet. Ali Mall was just right across Rustan’s and Marikina Shoe Expo and AutoCentro, and who’d forget COD. After watching the moving mannequins in COD we usually head straight home but my mom would always buy a dozen of Winchelle’s donuts if ever one of us kids would suddenly have an urge to eat in the middle of the night.

Before classes start every year. My mom would take us to Quezon Arcade to buy bags and school uniforms. Quezon Arcade is a flea market type shopping center long before Greenhills made it fashionable to buy in tianges.

Also there was the original Aristocrat’s restaurant in Edsa Cubao, with its navy blue roof, the Farmer’s Market and The Farmer’s Garden, The Love Bus depot in front of SM Cubao, The Choo Choo Junction Spagetti House near the steel tower also in front of SM Cubao. And a lot more places that probably I won’t be able to remember anymore.

I had a lot of happy memories growing up in the only place I call home. Cubao may be changing but the imprints of the old Cubao would always stay in my heart. I thank my parents for bringing us to this wonderful place and making me a true blood "CubaoeƱo".



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