Part 1: The day I find love once again

Friends kept prodding Cubaoboy to write a blog and he would always tell them “Anuba! I don’t know the first thing about writing…heck I don’t even know my punctuations!”

And when your friends are very good writers (one is a well known blogger who has several followers in the blog world, and the other one was a lit professor in Ateneo) you would have second thoughts of expressing your thoughts through writing as well.

So what convinced Cubaoboy to write a blog? Well, probably recent events in his life that proved to be his “light bulb moment”. Plus his friends promised that they’d be easy on him.

Here goes nothing!

What was that light bulb moment of Cubaoboy?

Here’s the thing that switched it on.

Cubaoboy fell madly and completely in-love with someone, and this someone (we’ll just call this person “someone” ok?) didn’t actually feel the same way about poor Cubaoboy.

You want details?

Before Cubaoboy gives you the gruesome details folks. Let’s go back to Cubaoboy’s not so distant past.

You see when Cubaoboy was a little younger he was really insecure about his looks and he would always shy away from other people (He was a little too chubby back then). When Cubaoboy turned 21 he met a pretty and petite girl who became his best friend. Their friendship turned to love and the pretty and petite girl eventually became the mom of Cubaoboy’s daughter. Their relationship was smooth sailing (or so Cubaoboy thought) for 3 years until the pretty and petite girl decided it wasn’t really working out and she decided to end it.
Cubaoboy’s pretty and petite girl since then remarried and moved to the states with Cubaoboy’s daughter.

Don’t you worry folks Cubaoboy and his pretty petite girl (not anymore though. She gained a few pounds. A few hundred that is) remained good friends despite it all and he sees his daughter every year.

Cubaoboy tried to move on and had several failed attempts to get into relationships. But all he had really gotten out of those failed attempts were cracks to his already heavily taped up and glued together heart. His last attempt took him a year or so to fully recover from. These events changed Cubaoboy’s rosy outlook about love. Thus Cubaoboy swore never to commit the mistake of falling in love ever again.



7 Response to "Part 1: The day I find love once again"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Cubao Boy.

    I wanna have your babies.


  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Jay Vee Says:

    welcome to the blogosphere cubaoboy!

  4. Eternal Wanderer... Says:


    Before I forget.

    Welcum to tthe blogosphere pala!

    Kasi naman, inuuna ko pa ang lande lolz

  5. CubaoBoy Says:

    ey thanks guys! hehehe di ko alam kung bakit ako nandito friendship kasi e..

  6. CubaoBoy Says:

    kakatawa i was proof reading my blog right after i posted it hahaha wrong move... dami tuloy malimali ewww

  7. The Itinerant Says:

    i always like the first part of each blog i visit kaya ito, left a print here, bulabog lang, LOlz! :D

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