Home alone - Part 1 of 2

Sharing the house with his brother, his sister in-law and their 2 kids, it's seldom that Cubaoboy would get to have his home alone moments. Fortunately during this time of the year, his brother would usually troop together his entire family to his car and drive off to his in-laws for the entire weekend.

It is during these rare home alone weekends that Cubaoboy gets to play and play some more.

Cubaoboy never wastes time, as soon as he sees the red taillights of his brother's car disappear from his view, he goes online and visits his usual online hunting ground to hunt for his prey.

His first prey: Lanky mestizo good looking bottom guy with hairy chest.

Cubaoboy and this guy had already exchanged several messages over the past few weeks. This was the perfect time for them to meet up and do it(hehehehe). Turns out that this guy lives just a few blocks away from Cubaoboy's house. At around 11:30 PM Saturday, they met at the corner of Cubaoboy's street. After a few exchanges of pleasantries. they walked toward Cubaoboy's house. When they arrived, they went straight up to Cubaoboy's room. Lanky guy was sitting on Cubaoboy's bed. He looked up at CB and smiled. Cubaoboy suddenly felt his ragging boner get a litte more rigid. "This f***ing guy is really cute." CB muttered to himself. Cubaoboy looked at his rigidity and saw lanky guy looking at it too. It was at that moment when lanky guy suddenly grabbed the edge of CB's gym shorts, pulled it down with a little too much force that CB heard and felt some of the threads break, but he couldn't care less. Lanky guy is a good s***er. He played with CB's manhood with gentle but deep suctions. Cubaoboy felt like he was about to explode. But not yet. CB bent down to lanky guy and kissed his pink lips. CB removed lanky guys cap which he was wearing backwards. they gently laid on CB's bed removing all of their clothes. CB started caressing LG's body. CB started with LG's pink nipples covered with a light dusting of dark hair. CB followed the sexy trail of hair down to his boner glistening with pre-cum. It smelled of soap and sweat. CB tasted LG's manhood. It tasted like clean skin, soap and pre-cum. CB started caressing LG's inner thighs. LG was wriggling in ticklish pleasure. Then LG said "May rubber ka pare? f*** mo ko". Always a trooper, CB has his stash of life saving condoms. CB went to his cabinet drawer and took one of his brand of rubber. It was long thrusts and slow strokes, with the help of CB's lube it was really one pleasurable friction action. It was an air conditioned room, but CB and LG's bodies were glistening with sweat. CB rode him like a gentle cowboy. CB bent LG's body so that LG's head was between his knees, CB's thrusts became deeper because of better access to LG's pink tight hole. "Malapit na ko pare" LG said in voice which was almost a whisper. At this point the slow thrust became faster and faster and faster. CB was really working up a sweat. "Puta pare eto na ko... Tang ina!!!!" LG said in a controlled scream of delight. LG came with such pressure, that he was able to catch his cum-spurt into his own mouth. CB couldn't contain the pressure building inside him anymore. CB with uncontrollable spasms exploded.

CB collapsed on top of LG. They were sweaty and tired but sated. It was more than an hour of pleasure. They cleaned up and when they were both dressed, LG said "Ayus pare sarap. Sarap mo k******t" with an impish grin which showed his lopsided dimple and which highlighted his boyish good looks."Let's do it again sometime?" LG asked. CB could only nod back, knowing that it may take while before he would have the house all to himself again. He showed LG to the door, but before LG went out they exchanged a chaste kiss. "See you soon." LG said, Cubaoboy just smiled at him and closed the door behind him.

It was just 12:45AM. The night was still young. Cubaoboy went online again.......



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