The Big date Update

Cubaoboy is ecstatic because he spent another wonderful night with the "date". This time they went to two different bars and Cubaoboy totally enjoyed every single moment of it. Despite the "date" being a little tired(cubaoboys' date came from work and picked cubaoboy up at his house, which cubaoboy finds really sweet btw.)

To cap the night off(which was 4:30am) they shared another soul shaking kiss, and then saw him off. Lying on his bed cubaoboy called him up to check on him if he was safely home, and he was, but instead of a short check up call, it lasted for almost an hour because the "date" didn't want to let go of the line(cubaoboy was happy to endulge him).

It was only when cubaoboy heard him yawn that he decided that it was time for him to sleep, he protested but cubaoboy said he really needed to rest and reassured the "date" that they will see each other soon. The "date" agreed and he uttered "I miss you, see you soon" to cubaoboy. Cubaoboys' heart again melted.

Cubaoboy slept with a grin on his face that fine morning...


3 Response to "The Big date Update"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:


    nuff said.


  2. CubaoBoy Says:

    EW: glad you liked it tee hee

  3. Dominic Says:

    nyahahaha... kakakilig naman toh! buti na lang mura na at maraming promos ang per-minute call sa cellphone! lolz

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