Part 4: The day I find love once again

Cubaoboy frantically tried to find a solution to his dilemma. He absolutely refuses to give in to his feelings. He thought the best solution is to hide. He made excuses whenever his 3 friends invited him out, and he was successful. But deep in his heart, he misses them…. he misses “someone”.

Weeks passed…

Cubaoboy was miserable but he was ok with it as long as nobody knows what he feels for “someone”. Cubaoboy thought, by not entertaining this love it would die a natural death. But he was dead wrong.

Every day that passes, the feeling grew stronger and stronger and he became more miserable. It didn’t help when he’d get some info about “someone”. That “someone” was dating another, and that “someone” went to bed with someone. The thing that Cubaoboy tried very hard to avoid had happened again. He had given another person the power to hurt him (unknowingly on “someone’s” part though).

More weeks passed…

Cubaoboy though strong willed is still human after all. Out of his misery from missing his friends and his “someone”. He decided to show up again so he could have his fill at seeing and being with his “someone”. He made a promise to himself that he’s just going to love “someone” from afar and never in any circumstance reveal what he felt.


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