The big date

9:30 PM somewhere in Araneta Center

Cubaoboy was sitting in a coffeeshop waiting patiently for his date. Earlier cubaoboy and his date agreed that they’d meet at around 10 PM, but his date said he’s already on his way so cubaoboy hurried to the meeting place.

Cubaoboy was enjoying the free wifi connection of araneta center, checking up on his blog. Then his phone rang and he saw that it was his date calling him. He nervously answered the phone.

Cubaoboy: “hello?”
Date: “I’m here na bro, im just parking my car.”
Cubaoboy: “uh… ok…?”

Cubaoboy stammered. The voice was sexy as hell, like hot fudge on vanilla ice cream (yummy)

Then he came to cubaoboys’ view, all six feet of his gorgeousness. God he really is gorgeous.

Cubaoboy stood up to greet his date, walked towards his date, almost missing a step or 2. They exchanged pleasantries and cubaoboy was led by his date to his parked car. Inside the car there was a few seconds of awkward silence, cubaoboy gave his date a measured side glance and relialized his date was looking at him flashing his megawatt smile. Cubaoboys’ heart skipped a beat. Then he spoke. “san tyo bro?”

Cubaoboy had no idea where to go, fortunately his date knows of a cozy place somewhere in Gilmore where they could chat and have a few rounds of beer.

The few rounds were actually two buckets and a few more bottles of beer (already feat for cubaoboy who can only down 2 to 3 bottles of beer in any occasion). Cubaoboy was totally enjoying the company and he hoped his date was enjoying it too. They talked about everything from former relationships to photography, to movies and tv series, to artists and actors, to music and the arts, they both were having a really good time.

Cubaoboy didn’t want the night to end (well it was actually almost 5am) but it really had to end sometime. Cubaoboys’ date paid for everything, to cubaoboys protestations of course. But his date said “its ok, its on me. You pay for our next date.”

Cubaoboy was about to protest again but then he stopped. Next date! There’s a next date? Cubaoboy said to himself. Wooooohaaaaaaaa! There’s a next date. He was so ecstatic he almost jumped for joy.

They were walking back to his dates’ car when they saw this vagrant taking a bath on the sidewalk. They both went inside the car but his date went out again went to the back trunk of the car pulled out a shirt and gave it to the vagrant. Wow! Cubaoboy again said to himself. His date went back inside the car looked at cubaoboy and smiled.

Cubaoboy couldn’t help himself, even if probably a mob of flesh seeking zombies is on his tail. Time stood still, cubaoboy grabbed his date by the nape and gave him one of the sweetest kisses he ever gave to anyone. His date responded with such ardor that it filled cubaoboys’ heart with such joy.

His date drove him home while they were holding each other’s hands (how he drove while holding cubaoboys hands? Cubaoboy couldn’t care less. What he knows is it felt good.). Sadly they had go home, but before They parted they shared another kiss, un mindful of the passing headlights of the other cars, like they were in their own little world.

Cubaoboy said thank you to his date and went out of the car and saw him drove away.

Cubaoboy was still reeling with excitement he didn’t even feel the 7 bottles of beer he downed. While he was in his room, his phone rang. It was his date….

What did they talk about? That folks is none of your business! lol


19 Response to "The big date"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. Eternal Wanderer... Says:


    Na-imagine ko when you almost missed a step, e napa-Miriam Quiambao ka.

    Pero poised pa rin.


  3. Jay Vee Says:

    inggetera talaga si eternal wanderer! LOLs

    wow.... as in uy kilig kinikilig kilig!


  4. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    alam mo jay vee.

    buset ka sa buhay ko.

    pasakit sa dibdib.


    gawin ba talaga chat box ang comments page ni cubao boy?

  5. CubaoBoy Says:

    tee hee jv...

  6. Jay Vee Says:

    Eternal wanderer why can't you just be happy for cubao boy! :)

    looking forward for more of ur stories cubao boy...

  7. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    jay vee: hoy happy ako nu!

    cubao boy, kelan mo ako date?


  8. CubaoBoy Says:

    hehehe nako jv from what i hear... hmmm never mind lol

  9. Jay Vee Says:

    @cubao boy, hmmmmmmm? nakaka intriga ah. LOL :)

    ambisyosa ka eternal wanderer di ka papansinin nyan ni cubao boy...... :)

    (chatbox na toh!)

  10. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    jay vee: excuse me. maaalindog si cubao boy sa long blonde hair ko noh!

    (teh, ginagawa na nating twitter toh lolz)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Happy to hear that you've found someone sweetie! Hope he treats you well. ;)

    Gawa ka na din ng twitter! :)

    Susko, gawin bang CBOX at Twitter ang comment page ni sweetie!

    WV: indect

  12. Jay Vee Says:

    Eternal wanderer - sabagay libre mangarap! ;)

    WV - hi! ASL? LOLs

    Cubao Boy - twitter nga... :)

  13. CubaoBoy Says:

    hahaha jv... eternal wanderer (ew?) tsaka sa red lucious lips ni "ew" na may lipstick na galing japan.

  14. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Ewan ko sa yo, jay vee!!!

    hi anon!

    date tayo.


  15. CubaoBoy Says:

    hi anon its still in the works though i have twitter btw get it from "ew"

  16. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Cubao: oy shisheido lipstick yun noh.

    may kamahalan!

    wv: slowe - wtf?! lolz

  17. Jay Vee Says:

    cubao boy - hmmm dating japayuki si eternal wandere??? kaya pala hahaha

  18. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    jay vee: mabaenta ko doon kaya!

    next destination, dubai naman hahaha

  19. Dominic Says:

    Dang! Nice date, nice post. Couldn't wit to read the next one. Would this probably turn out to be a romance novel?

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