Who needs misery?

Cubaoboy will not yield to misery. So what if the two awesome dates he had with the “date” was just that, a date and then followed by a period. Probably the “date” was just being polite so as not to hurt cubaoboy’s feelings.

You see cubaoboy really tried his best. After several failed attempts to see him again by asking him out, he reverted to just sending text messages to the "date" just to keep in touch.

Cubaoboy does his everyday routinary text to the “date” like “hope you had a wonderful day” or “hope you had dinner already” or “goodnight and pleasant dreams” hoping that he would be able to coax the “date” to spend sometime with him, but alas after several minutes, cubaoboy will receive a reply from him like “thank you (mentions cubaoboys name)” every time and that’s it.

Cubaoboy is not that dense you know? Cubaoboy can take a hint. Cubaoboy knows that it is time to move on. What irritates cubaoboy is that he keeps on hoping. Hoping that those wonderful dates he had with this person were somehow real and that they really bonded and that they reciprocally enjoyed each other’s company.

Cubaoboy is guessing that probably the “date” did enjoy it even a little but not enough to want to experience it again.

Being miserable is the last thing in cubaoboy’s agenda right now. Cubaoboy honestly enjoyed those two dates and he knows he will experience it again with somebody else.

Cubaoboy thanks his date for his time and wishes him well. It may not have worked out as cubaoboy would have liked it but who knows what’s in store for him. Fate may have a different plan that’s why it didn’t work out, and all cubaoboy has to do is to keep on looking and maybe somewhere out there, that person is looking for him too.



16 Response to "Who needs misery?"

  1. G Says:

    keep the faith, bro.

  2. Knox Galen Says:

    In the next several weeks, there is a very, very good chance I'd write an entry similar to yours.

    Friend na kita dude!

  3. Knox Galen Says:

    And yeah, thanks for leaving your footprints behind. If it doesn't work, I'd have you to remind me it doesn't just happen to me.

  4. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    Pag ayaw, di wag mo.

    Chura nya.



  5. CubaoBoy Says:

    aww guys thanks!

    KG: lets still hope for the best bro!

  6. john stanley Says:

    and that's what you call thinking positive...

    great realization you have here.

  7. Bonbon's Tea Party Says:

    And as makati boy raises the lute glass filled with bubbly, he exclaims, "Here's to hope that never fails!!!"... what we hear next is the precious TING! TING! TING! from the fragile glasses that meet.

  8. CubaoBoy Says:

    haysss ting ting talaga lol....

  9. Jinjiruks Says:

    "What irritates cubaoboy is that he keeps on hoping. Hoping that those wonderful dates he had with this person were somehow real and that they really bonded and that they reciprocally enjoyed each other’s company."

    nakaka-relate ako sa post na ito. yun din kinaiinisan ko palagi. yung puro daydream ako umaasa na magiging ok ang lahat. iniisip ko na ang future namin. in the end frustration ang nangyayari.

  10. CubaoBoy Says:

    J: oo nga pare. basta i really enjoyed those moments and for me it was real. cguro khit sa sarili lang naten alam nating too yun... naging totoo tyo.

  11. Kane Says:


    Dating is such a risk. When we gamble, we can lose our money. But when we date, what we put at stake is really ourselves; our emotions, self-esteem and our hope.

    Maybe all it takes is a shift in our paradigm. You could look at it as rejection, or you could look at it and realize you were given a chance to discover how wonderful this person is. There is nothing tragic in that.

  12. cronwell Says:

    ok lang yan cubaoboy, just move on and face the fact that sometimes things don't work out as we planned.
    Never stop loving and enjoy life.

  13. cb :: 林偉文 Says:

    hopped from period's blog. ayus lang yan, cubaoboy. dating nowadays.. sobrang treacherous. we can't always have what we want. otherwise, parang our victories won't seem as nice diba?

  14. wanderingcommuter Says:

    i think cubao boy is tough, brave and knows what he wants. on the other hand, i think cubao boy is also a very sweet lover. thus its his lost not yours.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Very thoughtfull post on positive thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

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