When CB met Portia - Part 1

Late last year Cubaoboy decided to buy a car. It didn't matter that he knows nil about driving nor that he didn't even have a drivers license yet.

You see, when he saw that red shiny car he imagined himself speeding along the highway with the stereo blasting Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover". It was love at first sight for him.

He paid for the car with his hard earned cash, and then asked his brother to drive it home.

Cubaoboy was so happy he almost cried. He now owns a shiny red pre-loved car sitting there in their garage. He immediately hopped into the driver seat, held the steering wheel, checked out the interiors and then he gasped. "Oh my... I don't know how to drive!" he said to himself with an anguished sigh of realization.

Before, Cubaoboy was okay with being just a passenger. Like who wouldn't want to be chauffeured all the time right? Most of his friends drive their own cars anyway. Just hitching along is fine right? He kept telling himself that for the longest time, but usually telling yourself something; and believing in it are two different things.

Cubaoboy decided not to be just a passenger anymore. He decided that it's high time to take the wheel and drive himself to wherever he wants to go. Easier said than done as CB realized.

Cubaoboy had to start learning how to drive. Since most car owners give their cars a name. As a symbolic start to his road to learning, he decided he had to name his car as well. The name should be masculine and tough like the owner, like say...Bruno or Max. It was already late that time so he decided to name his car in the morning.

The following morning, CB was roused from sleep by several loud bangings on his bedroom door. It was his ten year old nephew. "Tito linisan daw natin si "Portia" kasi ang dumidumi na nya!"His nephew squealed. Still groggy from sleep CB took some time understanding what his nephew was saying loudly from the other side of his door.

"Portia? Who the heck is Portia?"

Then it dawned on CB that his nephew was referring to his car. Unbeknownst to Cubaoboy, his nephew christened his car with that name, it was not Porche but PORTIA!?

Cubaoboy tried to change the name, but to no avail. Now everybody calls his car "Portia" from his family down to his friends.

-end of part 1-


8 Response to "When CB met Portia - Part 1"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:

    si portia ay isang tibo.



  2. engel Says:

    congratulations on the new car!!!

  3. Cubaoboy Says:

    EW: tiborcia nalang sana yung name nya lol

    engel: thanks bro!

  4. victor Says:

    Congratulations on your new car. :)

    Some names (especially when given by kids) just stick. But come to think of it, it could have been worse than "Portia." LOL.

  5. Cubaoboy Says:

    @victor- thanks bro! good thing it wasn't tekla or something worse than that. portia kinda grew on me anyways :)

  6. Elias Jayson Says:

    portia. cool. haha. this post makes me miss our cars.

  7. Aethen Says:

    Waw! Portia! Este Porche pala ;)

    Yeah, drive your own car, dude.

    I'm planning to buy a car also soon (very soon).

  8. Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart Says:

    I love this!
    "and then he gasped. "Oh my... I don't know how to drive!" he said to himself with an anguished sigh of realization."
    WAHAHAHA! I can almost relate.

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