Part 2

CB was still feeling a little frisky. After LG left, CB took a cold shower to kill his then still raging libido. He went back to bed, tried to read his Percy Jackson - The lightning thief. But his laptop beckons. He went online again to check his account...There was a message...

CB opened it...

"Pare may place ka, tang na sobrang horny ko. anything goes pare"

The message came from a muscular and heavily tattooed guy(or what the picture in his profile seems to showcase). "Nice!" CB said to himself, unwittingly responding with the same words.

We decided to meet. I picked him up at the corner of our street.

He was standing there in the shadows. I couldn't really see a clear profile of him, but from what I can see amids the darkness, he seemed really hot.

Then I was in-front of him. "Pare?" I asked hesitantly. He's back was against me.

Then he turned around. "Not bad... not bad at all" I muttered. He kinda' looked like an attractive henchman of a villain in our local tele-novelas.

We went straight to my room and without further ado it started. He was kissing me and I was kissing him back. I can taste the beer and smoke in his breath. Then we we're tearing our clothes off and then we collapsed on my bed with a thud!. I can feel his rigid manhood on my belly as I was kissing him all over. He's body smelled of sweat and cologne.

I was kissing his tattoos and there were a lot. I especially liked the one below his navel it was the Star of David. I slowly went lower and I licked the glistening precum on his raging manhood, and then ever so gingerly covered what I can cover with my mouth. He was wriggling in pleasure. And then he wanted to reciprocate. I maneuvered myself so I can give him access to my own raging boner. It was not clear during our brief exchange of messages whether he's a top or bottom. But as I was sucking him I had free access to his tight hole. I licked the tip of my forefinger and started using it to massage his hole. I waited for any signs of protest but there were none. With some hesitation, I started inching my finger into his hole.

"Putahhh....!" He said in a controlled shout. I stopped...

And then he said "Don't stop pare! putahh sarap!" OMG! His words were like a trigger. I started sucking him with more ardor and I fingered his hole ever so deeper. He was shaking and opening his legs wider. And I was there to give him what he wants.

"Fuck..Fuck..Fuck!"...He was saying this like he was praying. I continued giving him pleasure. And without hesitations I maneuvered my self again. Directly in-front of his hole. Lubed up and rubbered, I plowed myself into him. I was looking at his face. He was biting his lower lip. And then I moved following the rhythm of his heartbeat. It was going faster and faster by the second.

Then he said he was about to cum. I moved even faster. And then... He came...

Looking at his cum spurts and feeling the spasms of his tight hole as he came. I couldn't hold on any longer. I came for the second time that night.

After he left. I showered and cleaned up. It was a tiring but pleasurable night. It was almost morning when I finally dozed off with an impish smile on my face.


11 Response to "Part 2"

  1. Eternal Wanderer... Says:


    nilabas din.

    all pun intended.

    welcum back cb! :D

  2. CubaoBoy Says:

    hehehehe i know i'm a slut no? lol

  3. citybuoy Says:

    wow. akala ko di na darating yung part 2. haha

  4. engel Says:

    satisfying. kahit medyo matagal-tagal ang hinintay namin. =D

  5. CubaoBoy Says:

    @engel - hehe thanks parekoy..basta once a year lang yan when i'm alone lol

  6. thecuriouscat Says:

    haha tagal ah

  7. Bonbon's Tea Party Says:

    Oh my... I'm in Rockwell now; and with all the finery around me, I can't help but put a tight hand on my mouth while reading this! Now, I blush! *giggle*

  8. Yohan Says:

    Awesome. hahaha.

  9. CubaoBoy Says:

    bonbon - my ever ting ting friend hope you liked it.. hihihi

  10. wanderingcommuter Says:

    nyahaha... matagal kon hinintay kasi sabi mo malupit yung susunod. tama nga! hahaha

  11. PluripotentNurse Says:

    nice story CB. Just followed your blog. Hope u'l follow me too. Thanks!

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